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Why Overseed Your Lawn?

Overseeding your lawn can help improve its health and also its appearance. Overseeding is a process in which grass seed is spread over the existing lawn. It is better for large areas where the lawn is thin. Overseeding is beneficial for areas that suffer from droughts, insect or disease damage, or bare patches.

Problems that can be solved from overseeding:

  • Poor soil and soil compaction
  • Excess thatch
  • Poor fertility

Benefits of overseeding:

  • Filling in areas damaged by the sun, diseases, or insects
  • Thickening thinner lawns
  • Improving your lawn’s appearance
  • Enhancing your lawn’s ability to fight insects and diseases

Overseeding should be done in the fall since it will allow the root system to become established before temperatures drop during the winter. When spring comes around, the young grass will have another few months to continue its growth before the hot summer sun shines. Overseeding in the fall also reduces the growth of summer weedy grasses, like crabgrass and foxtails.

Overseeding, which may also be understood as "re-seeding," can assist a lawn in maintaining its lush, brilliant green growth all year long, though overdoing it can be perilous. Grass, like any other growing thing, ages. As it ages, growth and especially new regenerated growth slows down. Over time, brown or bare patches can appear in a formerly healthy lawn. 

Overseeding your lawn will help to fill in sparse areas in your lawn where the grass has died off. Our professionals can top dress, aerate, and overseed your lawn resulting in a more lush and healthy lawn which will make your yard the envy of your neighborhood. 

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