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Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter Pest Control

The overall idea of Perimeter Pest Control is to create a barrier around your home to help control invading pests on the outside so that you don't have to deal with them on the inside. It is known that 90% of all inside come from the outside.

Some of the common insects that perimeter treatments control are: spiders, fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, crickets, and earwigs.

Our protection plan consists of four visits throughout the course of the year. During these visits, we apply a Liquid Perimeter Pest Application around your home, decks, window wells, trash bins, garages, and crawl space openings in order to protect your home from unwanted pests.

Benefits of Perimeter Pest Control

  • Helps to keep unwanted pests from invading your home
  • Application is virtually odorless and colorless and is outside, not inside by your family and pets
  • Isn't harmful to soil, flowers, bushes, or lawns
  • Helps to control many different types of insects
  • Takes place outdoors - this keeps insecticides out of your home and out of your living space
  • Scheduling is automatic and no one needs to be home

Eight Point Defense Program

1. Perimeter strip: With a foot-wide band around your entire home, insects keep their distance.

2. Foundation coverage: Cracks, crevices and other openings in your foundation could be attractive to smaller pests. That's why your protection includes full foundation coverage.


3. Ground covers: Ivy and other ground covers offer insects a moist, shady place to hide. But specialized protection beneath this foliage keeps insects at bay.


4. Trash areas: Ants and other insects thrive in and around your trash cans. So this area gets thorough coverage.


5. Mulch beds: Mulch-like ground cover provides a cool, moist breeding ground for insects. Which is why your mulch beds get special care.


6. Thresholds: Your doors should be used only by people and pets. That's why the areas around your outside doors get individual attention.


7. Decks: Decks provide a sheltered breeding ground for spiders and other insects. When accessible, the areas around and beneath your decks get thorough coverage to make them inhospitable to insects.


8. Window wells and crawl space vents: Windows and crawl spaces are among the most common entry points for insects. Which is why these areas and their surroundings get special treatment.

To learn more about this program or our Mosquito control program, please give the office a call for a FREE estimate! (413) 566-2116