Horse Arena Irrigation

Horse Arena Irrigation

Why should you ensure your equestrian arena is well watered?

The advantage of dust control in riding facilities are numerous and important. A dust free environment is healthier for both horses and riders. The most cost effective solution to control dust is the installation of a watering system.

Riding over a dry surface is not only harmful to horse and rider but is also a major contributing factor to early disintegration of the arena. A dry surface quickly becomes "powdery" and the hooves of the horse begin to make contact with the base, causing it to break down. For this reason, installers of riding surfaces recommend maintaining the correct level of moisture in the surface both indoors and outdoors. When water is applied to the arena the sand particles swell, absorb the water and become minute flexible cushions. The "cushions" bind to each other and absorb some of the energy from the impact made from the hooves. The result is that the horse has a better footing, there is less concussion on the legs and the arena base is protected.

Installing a watering system is not just a plumbing job. The understanding and knowledge of different surface characteristics is very important.


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