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Sprinkler System Mid Season Check Up

Haluch’s Landscapes is a full service sprinkler design and installation company that will provide you with full sprinkler repair, sprinkler installation, and sprinkler maintenance services. Our highly qualified team of professionals is dedicated to helping you keep your sprinkler system in top shape for years to come.

Our mid season sprinkler system check up includes:

  • Reprogram controller for existing weather conditions
  • Sprinkler System walk through
  • Leak detection and evaluation of zones
  • Adjust lawn sprinkler heads as needed
  • Set rain sensor for maximum efficiency
  • Adjust, repair, and/or replace damaged sprinkler components as needed

If our lawn sprinkler service technicians notice anything wrong with your sprinkler system, we will repair, and/or replace the damaged sprinkler components as needed. Our team can fix any problems you may have in a timely and cost effective manner.

We know each home and property is different, so if you have added a pool, expanded your yard, installed a new septic system, or added any other additional planting beds, we will work directly with you to provide you with a sprinkler system that fits your properties needs.

Haluch’s Landscapes provides sprinkler system services to areas throughout Western MA and Northern CT.

Call the office today to schedule your Mid Season Sprinkler System Check Up! 413-566-2116