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When looking for a professional lawn care company with a top-notch fertilizer program, choose Haluch’s Landscapes. We use only the finest slow release fertilizers that promote a thicker, greener and more weed free lawn. By using a quality fertilizer program for your lawn, you’ll notice a significant difference in the growth, color, vigor, hardiness and thickness of your lawn. Whether you are looking to maintain the beauty of your lawn, or in the process of revitalizing your yard, Haluch’s Landscapes will tailor a lawn program just for you.

Benefits of a Fertilizer Program from Haluch’s Landscapes.

  1. To promote new growth and hardiness
  2. To relieve stress, effects of aging and wear.
  3. To counteract damage due to insects or disease.
  4. To eliminate competition with weeds for available nutrients.
  5. To help replace nutrients lost to leaching, volatilization to the air, and removal of clippings and harvest of fruits and vegetables.

What Our Program Consists Of:

  • March – April Early Spring Application –Balanced fertilizer with Pre-Emergent Crabgrass control and Broadleaf weed control
  • April – June Late Spring / Early Summer Application –Slow released balanced fertilizer Broadleaf weed control, Pre-Emergent Crabgrass control and pest control.
  • June – July Late Summer Application –Slow release balanced fertilizer with Broadleaf weed control. Grub Preventative –Prevents damage from grubs / Japanese beetle larvae.
  • August – September Fall Application –Balanced fertilizer with Broadleaf weed control, and Mosquito control.
  • September – October Winterizer Application –Helps lawn through winter and provides quick start in the spring. Lime Application

Interested in learning more about a home fertilizer program? Haluch’s Landscaping provides lawn care services to Western MA & Northern CT.

Call today for a free, over the phone, 5-minute quote! We will also send a technician out to discuss your fertilizer program and lawn care needs. Call our office at 413-566-2116 or fill out our online request form on our website.