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Landscape lighting is a great way to enhance the nighttime curb appeal of your home. You may have great landscaping, but it may only be visible 12 hours a day. Night time accent lighting can be a great choice to turn your home into a showplace 24 hours a day. Outdoor lighting is a great way to illuminate outdoor kitchens, stairs, retaining walls, entryways, trees, shrubs and many other areas. Outdoor Lighting

In addition, outdoor lighting adds a measure of security and makes your outdoor living areas usable 24 hours a day. Typically, outdoor lighting is 12 volts. This is good alternative to regular electrical because it’s safe to work with, it’s harmless if you accidentally cut through a line and your electrical bill should be minimal. The equipment that is installed is specially designed for exterior durability.

Pathway Lighting
To provide increased safety at night, pathway lighting can be place along driveways, walkways, and at entry points to assist your visitors into your home. It is also a great way to funnel people down a pathway if you want people to stay off a particular portion of your lawn or landscaping.

Garden Lighting
Garden lighting is an art. Our technicians have spent countless hours training to learn the mechanics, shadowing affects, brightness factors, and aesthetics required to complete these artistic displays of garden lighting. We consider our team craftsman. Your community lawn care company installs and maintains the product.

Call 413-566-2116 today for a free demonstration and to learn about our ongoing maintenance programs. It’s one call that ensures a flawless landscape lighting system from installation and into the future. It’s a thing of beauty that will make your neighbors envious.