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Have questions about our lawn care services? Read our frequently asked questions!

If we do not answer your question, please call us at 413-566-2116.

Do we have the same technician for our fertilizer treatments?

Absolutely! The same technician will be fertilizing your lawn all season long! They will personally take care of your lawn like it’s their own.

How long should I stay off the lawn after an application?

We suggest that you stay off your lawn for one hour or until the application is dry.

When do you begin Winterizing sprinklers?

We ask you to shut your water and turn your controller OFF by October 1st. We start winterizing October 1st. Your sprinkler system will be winterized by the time the ground freezes!

When do you bill for mowing?

We bill once a month for mowing. You will receive a monthly invoice indicating the dates that your lawn was mowed. We bill at the end of each month.

When do you bill for snow plowing?

We bill once a month for snow plowing. You will receive a monthly invoice indicating the dates that your driveway was plowed. We bill at the end of each month.

When will you come and start my sprinkler system up?

We generally begin to start as soon as there is no more snow. You can expect it to be anywhere from mid-April to the end of May. Please call the office for an appointment as you need to be present for this appointment.

Who would benefit from a Flea & Tick program?

If your home or business is located along a wood line, or you have pets that go outdoors, then the chances of Fleas and Ticks getting inside increase dramatically. Properly treating the area around your home or business is the key to keeping these annoyances out. Anyone would benefit from the Flea & Tick program.

Do I need to call to renew my services every year?

No. We will continue service on your property until you tell us otherwise. We will send you a renewal letter every January detailing your program and any recommendations for the upcoming year. This letter also gives you an opportunity to receive our pre-pay discount.

What are the office hours?

Generally, Jamie is in the office Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. You can always reach her by calling the office <a href=”tel:+1-413-566-2116″>413-566-2116</a> or you can e-mail her:

How do we get our bills for our fertilizer treatments?

Your technician will leave your invoice in your mail box or front door.